Angel Decoding- offers guidance for your life and inspiration for your soul. Whether you are searching for deeper meaning in life, or have an interest in angels. Try a session today!

An Angel reading is an amazing personal experience. Maria utilizes her intuitive gifts to acknowledge the support of divine angels in the lives of her cherished clients. You can benefit from her extraordinary gifts by booking a personal session or joining in on the many workshops, presentations and retreats she offers.

Maria believes, “Miracles happen every day.” Don’t miss her step-by-step approach to angel communication, shared in her debut book -Angel Decoding, Secret Keys to Communicating with your Angels, sold where ever books are found.

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Welcome to Maria’s Angelic Enlightenment

Do  you want to explore the infinite wisdom of the angelic realm? What would you ask your guardian angels if you could talk to them?

Maria Gurney Peth PhD, utilizes her intuitive gifts and abilities, to acknowledge the support of the divine angels in her life and the lives of others. You can benefit from her extraordinary gifts by booking your own private Angel Decoding session.

People book sessions for the magic and leave with solid strategies to support a centered and blessed life.

Guidance for your life, and inspiration for your soul! 

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Maria Peth